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Chinese restaurant

(Summary description)

Chinese restaurant

(Summary description)


     The Chinese restaurant serves authentic cantonese cuisine and fangchenggang local seafood, from the top abalone, ginseng, wings, tripe, yan to cantonese morning tea dessert, including traditional guangxi cuisine.The restaurant is elegantly decorated and has 22 separate private rooms. The elegant environment contains Chinese flavor and the delicacies embody the essence of authentic cantonese cuisine.

Authentic cantonese morning tea, dessert and health soup can satisfy your fantasy of the old-style teahouse and experience the classic cantonese life.

      Large sea water tank in the seafood pool is magnificent and has many kinds of seafood.Deep sea fish, shellfish, fish, shrimp, crab, chilled fish.Cantonese seafood dishes are characterized by freshness, freshness, tenderness, coolness and smoothness. With their original flavor, nutrition and health preservation, cantonese seafood dishes are clean in spring, cool in summer, runy in autumn and warm in winter, so as to concentrate the essence of cantonese cuisine.







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