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 Promotions and offers

Promotions and offers



  The Best Season for Health

  Chinese Restaurant will launch health-nourishing series From Oct. 2021 to Jan. 2022 Nourishing mutton soup, Nourishing durian glue chicken, Nourishing lamb belly in clay pot, Private spicy pork sambal, Angelica stewed lamb trotter in clay pot, etc. Have high nutritional value. Chefs with exquisite cooking skills, cooking a variety of delicious dishes, will bring you taste authentic Cantonese cuisine.

  Malaysia Food Festival

  Western restaurants from October to December, the infinite charm of Malaysian cuisine, curry with squid salad cup, herb duck breast vegetable roll, satay beef skewers and other special delicacies not to be missed are waiting for you to taste.

  Delicious Milk Tea

  Meet with all kinds of fragrant and rich milk teas, in the pure and fresh and idle leisurely enjoy the elegant time belongs to you.

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